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The Board of Directors of the Company

·         Mr. Priya Raj Regmi, Executive Chairman- Mr. Regmi is 38 year young entrepreneur. He holds postgraduate degree in Business from Tribhuvan University. He is the Funder Chairman of this Company. He has been looking after the whole business of this company. Currently, he has been serving as a President of Stock Brokers’ Association of Nepal for second tenure, has an experience in the financial institution as a director, worked as managerial position in the manufacturing and service sectors. He has also associated with other several business and social organization, has taken different types of training and attended number of seminars.

·         Prof. Dr. Shilu Manandhar Bajracharaya, Director- Prof. Dr. Manandhar is 53 year professional. She has done Ph.D. in Strategic Management from Tribhuvan University and Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Tribhuvan University securing first position with first division. Along with 28 years of experience in the teaching Financial Management at masters’ level, she headed different academic programee of Shanker Dev Campus.TU. Besides participating she has also organized different types of training, workshop sand seminars both nationally as well as internationally. She has also presented papers in various seminars including at Canada, Thailand, and Ghana. She has written a number of research papers and conducted a number of research works.

·         Mr. Sital Koirala, Director- Mr. Koirala is 47 year young professional. He has done Masters Degree in Economics and Political Science from Tribhuvan University. He had served as Press Advisor of the Former Prime Minister Late Girija Pd. Koirala. He has 21 years experience in the field of Journalism specially economic aspect, serving with NTV, Himal News Maagazine and  Rastriya Samachar Samiti. He has served as a Director in NTV, sub editor in Bimarsha weekly. He has been appointed as an advisor more than 50 organization. Currently he is working in the field of journalism as a freelance media person. 

·         Mr. Hari Bdr. Khadka, Dirctor- Mr. Khadka is 38 year young entrepreneur. He is a holder of Masters in Business Studies (MBS) from Tribhuvan University. Currently, he has been also serving in this company from the beginning. He has also experience in the field of petroleusum and automobile business. He has taken different types of trainings and participated in a number of seminars.