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मार्जिन कारोबार

Margin lending, a key service provided by our brokerage, enables investors to access funds for securities purchases, potentially enhancing investment returns through capital leverage.

अनलाइन खरिद तथा विक्री कारोबार

Our platform provides a seamless and user-friendly experience for individuals and businesses looking to buy and sell stocks in the dynamic Nepalese market.

शेयर अभौतिकीकरण

Share dematerialization refers to the process of converting physical share certificates into electronic form. This modernizes and simplifies the management of securities, making transactions more convenient and secure. “We offer share dematerialization services to digitize your share certificates, ensuring convenience and security in managing your investments.”

शेयर, ऋणपत्रको खरिद / विक्री

We buy and sell stocks listed in NEPSE for both retail and institutional clients through a stock exchange in return for a fee or commission.

हितग्राही खाताको अनलाइन

We provide a user-friendly online platform that allows investors to manage their beneficiary accounts with ease.

धितोपत्रको रोक्का

We understand the dynamic nature of financial markets and the importance of seizing opportunities swiftly. That’s why we offer a comprehensive Share Pledging Service tailored to meet the diverse needs of our valued investors.

धितोपत्र निक्षेप

Our DP services allow investors to leverage their investment capital, enhancing their potential returns in the stock market.

पुन: भौतिकीकरण

Rematerialization is converting electronic securities back into physical certificate form.

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